Piercing Care

Note: The following are only general guidelines. Details for each individual piercing are given at the time of the piercing. Listen carefully. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns call me at (850)934-8287.  If you suspect your piercing has become infected, contact your doctor and get medical help ASAP.

External Piercings: These include any ear piercings, eyebrows, bellybuttons, or surface piercings. The most important thing is to keep the piercing clean and dry. Wash it 2-3 times daily with an antibacterial soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Be sure to clean away any crusties on the piercing or jewelry. Do not use rubbing alcohol on the piercing, as it will over dry the area. NEVER use hydrogen peroxide as it eats away the scar tissue your body is forming. Do not take the jewelry out to clean it. Do not use any creams or lotions on the piercing as they hold moisture in. If the piercing looks weepy, dissolve sea salt in warm water and rinse with this. You can also dilute Tea Tree oil and rinse with this. These will dry the piercing without over drying as alcohol will. Normal healing times for external piercings are 8-12 weeks, with bellybuttons and surface piercings taking 6-9 months.

Tongue Piercings: Immediately after leaving the shop, get a cup of crushed ice and keep ice on your tongue for 2-3 hours, do NOT suck on it. This will keep swelling to a minimum. For the next 4 weeks, any time you eat, drink, smoke or put anything in your mouth other than a clear liquid, rinse for 5 seconds with yellow Listerine. Other colors will not work as well, as they contain dyes and sugars. If your tongue becomes discolored, cut the Listerine 50% with water.

Nose Piercings: On the outside, treat as an external piercing. Your body will take care of the inside.

Labrets and Monroes: On the outside, treat as an external piercing. On the inside, treat as a tongue piercing.

Genitals: Treat as an external piercing. Having sex within 2-3 weeks of the piercing may damage it, so use care.